How Well Are Your Teenager Teeth Cared For?

How well are your teeth taken care of? A teenager often faces many risks due to the burdens of their social settings, but environmental factors also play an increased role, especially with their oral health. Due to the final adult teeth breaching the gum line, malocclusions are more common, and teeth are at a greater… Read more »

Make Invisalign® Your Orthodontic Treatment of Choice

Make Invisalign® your orthodontic treatment of choice. Did you know that Invisalign aligners can be used to straighten your smile without the need of bulky wires and metal brackets? Invisalign uses unique methods to accomplish the task of giving you the straight smile your teeth deserve. For more information about the joys of Invisalign, see… Read more »

Can Invisalign® Turn Your Smile into a Masterpiece?

Can Invisalign® turn your smile into a masterpiece? With Invisalign orthodontic aligners, you can change your smile for the better. Not only do they vastly help to straighten your teeth, but they also improve your oral hygiene and lessen your risk for oral injuries, all the while giving you the aesthetics of your natural smile… Read more »

The Benefits Orthodontic Treatment Offers for Your Smile

If you’re looking to learn more about orthodontic treatment in , , you have come to the right place. Dr. and our orthodontic team would be happy to tell you all about the different benefits orthodontic treatment provides for you and your smile. First, the treatment successfully aligns your chompers and corrects your bite. This… Read more »

A Fixed Retainer Requires Daily Oral Hygiene Care

Once you’ve had your braces removed at , you will still need to use a retainer. This will help offset any residual tension in the periodontal ligaments that anchor each tooth in its particular socket. In most cases, Dr. recommends wearing a removable Hawley retainer for the upper set of teeth. However, if you had… Read more »

Routine Adjustments Are Critical for the Process of Realigning Teeth with Braces

The braces installed in your mouth by Dr. have been designed to gradually realign your teeth. This will eventually improve the overall function and appearance of your teeth. This is done through routine adjustments and changes in the tension of your braces. With each adjustment, your braces will bring your teeth one minute step closer… Read more »

Good Oral Hygiene Is Important for Successfully Realigning Your Teeth

Your new braces installed in your mouth by Dr. will gradually realign your teeth through the course of iterative adjustments. The light tension applied to each tooth stretches the periodontal ligaments anchoring it in the socket. If you develop tooth decay problems or some part of your braces hardware is damaged, it could increase the… Read more »

Braces Can Be Used to Improve an Overbite Problem

Malocclusion is a condition where the upper or lower set of teeth protrudes unnaturally from the other. Commonly referred to as an under or overbite, this orthodontic issue can have several ramifications on the appearance and function of your mouth. Fortunately, Dr. can improve these issues by installing braces. Once the brackets, wires and other… Read more »

The Mechanics of Braces

Malocclusion, or crooked teeth and a misaligned bite, is a common issue. Some people’s teeth come in crooked, overlapping, or crowded. This may occur when a person’s mouth is too small for their teeth. Individuals may also have gapped teeth. In other cases, a person may have upper and lower jaws that aren’t the same… Read more »

Three Treats to Avoid While Wearing Your Braces

Enjoying treats can be tempting, especially when you have braces because it’s recommended to avoid eating most treats. But no matter how strong the temptation, it really is best to avoid eating certain treats so your braces can remain in tip-top shape and you can stay on track with your treatment plan. Our team strongly… Read more »