There Are Different Ways to Correct Misaligned Teeth

The rapid changes in oral development and the replacement of primary teeth with permanent teeth can sometimes lead to alignment issues. Left unaddressed these deviations in your child’s bite pattern could leave them with an unattractive smile and teeth that are at increased risk of suffering chips and dental fractures. Here at our orthodontists can… Read more »

A Fixed Retainer Can Help Teeth Hold Their Position After Braces Have Been Removed

Your regularly scheduled adjustment appointments with our orthodontist played an important role in gradually correcting the position of your misaligned teeth. Each of these sessions applied progressive tension to your periodontal ligaments to move your teeth into their ideal alignment.   Once this is done Dr. can remove the braces components from your mouth. However,… Read more »

Adults Can Benefit from Braces

The average adult has 32 permanent teeth in their mouth. Each type of tooth has its own specific shape and orientation designed to maximize its function with the other teeth in your bite pattern. As you grow older it’s possible for genetics and complications from past tooth loss to gradually change the alignment of your… Read more »

Oral Hygiene Rules With Braces

Are you aligning your smile with braces? If so, you need to take good care of your teeth, gums and appliance. The more you care for these things, the more success you can have during your orthodontic journey. As you may already know, oral hygiene is vital. So, it’s important to keep up on oral… Read more »

A Retainer Is the Next Step in Securing Your New Smile

Each of your scheduled visits to our orthodontic office for adjustments performs a crucial role in aligning your teeth in a more optimal position. Once your braces are removed, your smile will still experience tension, especially around the dental sockets, and need additional treatment. Our orthodontist will provide a custom-made retainer for you to wear… Read more »

What to Expect With Invisalign®

If you are thinking of Invisalign®, it is likely because you are hesitant about wearing metal brackets and wires to straighten your teeth. You would love to straighten your smile without marring the beauty of it in the process. As you are beginning your Invisalign journey Dr. Wilson, Dr. Cowley, and our team are happy… Read more »

A Dental Guard Might Help Prevent Problems Caused by Chronic Night Grinding

Chronic stress that isn’t resolved by healthy means can have a profound negative impact on the human body. For some individuals, it can cause them to unconsciously grind their teeth while sleeping Individuals suffering from chronic bruxism, are at increased risk for chips and dental fractures on one or more teeth. In some of these… Read more »

Tips on Caring for Your Braces During Holiday Parties

Do you have a calendar full of parties this holiday season? If so, then you need to keep your braces and smile in mind. This is because holiday parties can damage your appliance and harm your smile if you’re not careful. So, our s, Drs. Wilson and Cowley, would like to help you keep your… Read more »

Maintain Optimum Oral Health with Braces

If you suffer from malocclusions or bad bites, it is never too late to consider an orthodontic treatment to straighten your smile. Although braces are often thought of as treatments only for children, it is possible to have near-invisible aligners these days to give you a smile that’s highly effective and discreet enough to not… Read more »

Different Types of Malocclusion

Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry whose focus is on correcting teeth and jaws that are not positioned properly. Crooked or crowded teeth are harder to clean properly, so they are more prone to cavities. Misaligned teeth or bad bites are referred to as malocclusion. There are different types of malocclusion that can be… Read more »