8 Foods to Avoid and Love While in Braces!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

One thing we all have in common is our love for food! Although we don’t all love the same foods you are sure to learn that eating is different when you are wearing braces. Eating the wrong foods can lead to broken brackets, bet or poking wires or foods stuck in your teeth you just cannot get to. Here are some foods to avoid and foods to love while you are in braces.

8 Foods to Avoid in Braces

1 Hard Chewy Candies and Hard Candies

Hard Candies can put huge force on your brackets if you bite into them. Many of us find the urge to chew on hard candies and this is a bad habit. Not only can this lead to broken brackets, but it can lead to cracked teeth when repeated too many times.

2 Nuts

Nuts can get lodged between your teeth and wires and can also put force on your brackets leading to broken brackets, wires popping out of slots and wires breaking. Check out our article “Tips and Tricks” if you have a broken bracket or wire.

3 Ice

Like Hard Candies, Ice can lead to cracked teeth. This one isn’t just for braces rather this is a problem for everybody. If you love your teeth, stop chomping on ice. This can cause broken brackets and wires too!

4 Popcorn

Popcorn can get stuck between your teeth an become hard to remove while wearing brace. Though this is annoying, the seeds pose the worst problem. If you bite down on a seed wrong, pop goes the bracket. We will discuss why broken brackets are such a big deal in just a moment


5 Corn on the cob

Like popcorn, this can get stuck in your teeth, but if you bite down wrong, you risk putting pressures on your brackets that can lead them to breaking off

6 Apples

Well, let’s just say biting down on hard things breaks brackets!

7 Jerky

A fan favorite! Pulling and biting on jerky to break off that perfect piece? That may be the fastest way to break more than one bracket at a time and bend wires. A delicious recipe for braces disaster!

8 Sugary Bubblegum

Well, this will be a bit like getting gum stuck on your hair, except your braces will fall victim to your sticky bubblegum mess

10 Foods to Love in Braces

Ice Cream

Cold foods will temporarily take the pressure off of your teeth by relaxing your braces arch-wires! Ice cream is already a comfort food, so this is next level!


I know we said you couldn’t have corn on the cob, but you can still cut it off the cob and enjoy it a different way


Slice these thin and you can still enjoy them. Just stop chomping into a whole apple


I know! This looks familiar too. There are a lot of brands that sell gum that are sugar-free! To take it a step the American Dental Association (ADA) logo will appear on products that are safe for you to chew while wearing braces!

Mashed Potatoes

Soft, Delicious, and doesn’t hurt your braces!


As long as you’re not eating the pit, this is another fan fave that nobody wants to live without!


Pretty much any soft pasta will be a win-win! Tasty and doesn’t harm your braces


If you can break a bracket eating Jell-O…. We want to know about it!

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