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A Consultation Is Your Gateway to Information

Before a consumer makes a major purchase, she (or he) should research the item—“do her homework—so she knows what to expect from it and to ensure it will fit her needs. For example, Is this the best car for me? The same applies to the pre-acquisition of all large items and services. That’s why orthodontists conduct consultations with prospective patients.

If your child needs orthodontic care, you want thoughtful and detailed providers who make you and your child feel at ease, listen to any of your concerns and offer excellent service. Ortho Inc. is proud to possess all of those qualities, as well as up-to-the-minute technology and knowledge. We also treat adults.

When a potential patient and his (or her) parent have a consultation appointment with an orthodontist, you will tell her (or him) about your concerns regarding your child’s orthodontic concerns. The orthodontist will carefully inspect his teeth, bite and oral tissues. She will also take two types of X-rays: a panoramic and a cephalometric. A panoramic simultaneously reveals the positions of a person’s jaws and every tooth; a cephalometric provides a side view of the person’s head. She’ll likely also take traditional photographs of his face and profile.

The X-rays will give her full and accurate diagnoses of his orthodontic situation. Complete and precise information is the orthodontist’s key to mapping out every step that will lead to the success of his treatment. On the other hand, the X-rays could show that all the components are in their proper positions and he’ll need no orthodontic treatment!

During the consultation, you’ll learn four main things:

The nature of the orthodontic issue(s)

Treatment options

If any teeth will need to be removed before treatment

Whether or not a corrective procedure from another kind of dental professional will be required before or during the treatment

An estimate of the amount of time before completion

Bring a pen and pad so you can take notes.

The professionals at the office of Ortho Inc. are authorities in orthodontic procedures. We recognize that every patient is unique, and we know that individual preferences vary. For more information about our practice and multitude of services, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment.

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