A Fixed Retainer Can Help Teeth Hold Their Position After Braces Have Been Removed

Your regularly scheduled adjustment appointments with our orthodontist played an important role in gradually correcting the position of your misaligned teeth. Each of these sessions applied progressive tension to your periodontal ligaments to move your teeth into their ideal alignment.

Once this is done Dr. Joseph A. Wilson can remove the braces components from your mouth. However, there will still be a modest amount of residual tension in your periodontal ligaments. If it’s not addressed by a retainer, your teeth could gradually relapse out of their new position.   

A removable Hawley retainer is relatively common and preferable for maintaining the alignment of your upper teeth. It is a custom shaped oral appliance that conforms to the unique shape and contours of your mouth. Once it is inserted in your mouth special wires will help secure the Hawley retainer in place.

If a specific area required significant correction our orthodontist might recommend installing an additional fixed retainer. This is more common for braces that needed to address a pronounced underbite or overbite.   

It is a sturdy metal band that will be cemented behind the teeth with a strong dental adhesive to hold the teeth in their new position while the lingering tension in the periodontal tissues gradually dissipates.

If you had your teeth realigned at Dr. Joseph A. Wilson’s orthodontic clinic in Farmington, New Mexico, and you have a question about retainers, you can always call 505-325-8858 to speak to a member of Orthodontics, Inc.’s staff.

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