A Fixed Retainer Needs Special Focus When Brushing and Flossing

Each of the adjustments appointments at Orthodontics, Inc. involves Dr. Wilson applying progressive tension to the components. This plays an important role in modifying the connective tissues that anchor your teeth to your gums. Once the alignment in your teeth has been fully corrected, Dr. Wilson can remove the braces components. But your teeth and jaw ligaments have not gotten used to their new positions. Without a retainer, your teeth could gradually drift back into their original alignment.

A removable Hawley retainer is often sufficient for preserving the alignment of the upper teeth. It is a custom molded acrylic oral appliance that conforms to the unique shape and characteristics of your mouth. When worn in your mouth, wires will help secure the dental appliance in place. If a specific area requires significant correction Dr. Wilson might recommend installing an additional fixed retainer. This is a simple metal band that our orthodontist cements behind the teeth with a strong dental adhesive. It will serve to hold the teeth in their new position while the lingering tension in the periodontal tissues gradually abates.

Just like your traditional braces the fixed retailer will require some additional brushing and flossing. Sometimes a simple interdental brush, floss threader or a water flosser device can help clean the tooth enamel around the fixed retainer.

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