A Retainer Is the Next Step in Securing Your New Smile

Each of your scheduled visits to our orthodontic office for adjustments performs a crucial role in aligning your teeth in a more optimal position. Once your braces are removed, your smile will still experience tension, especially around the dental sockets, and need additional treatment. Our orthodontist will provide a custom-made retainer for you to wear for a determined amount of time to help your teeth maintain their position. If you don’t wear a retainer following orthodontic treatment, your teeth could begin to relapse into an improper and unhealthy alignment. You should receive your retainer immediately when you have your braces removed. Dr. Joseph A. Wilson can recommend from among many different types of retainers depending on your needs. The most common style of removable retainers is the Hawley retainer, which is a thin appliance made from custom-shaped acrylic that is designed to fit the unique shape of your smile. A set of wires attach to certain teeth to help it to stay securely in place. If your smile has needed significant correction through braces, our orthodontist may determine that a fixed retainer is the best method. This is a durable band of metal that is cemented behind your teeth and may be used in conjunction with a removable Hawley retainer that is placed over your upper teeth. For more information about retainers in Farmington, New Mexico, you are always welcome to contact Orthodontics, Inc. at 505-325-8858 and schedule an appointment.

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