A Single Tooth Might Need Extraction to Correct an Overcrowding Issue

Adolescence is a time of change in the human body. This includes the final stages of permanent teeth replacing primary teeth. Sometimes two or more teeth can emerge tightly spaced. This can potentially cause multiple teeth to become misaligned.

Left unaddressed and overcrowding issues can increase your son or daughter’s chances of suffering a chipped tooth, dental fracture or chronic dental attrition. Once the teeth have been damaged they could be at increased risk of suffering a severe cavity.

Fortunately, an orthodontist like Dr. Jacob Spendlove can correct the alignment of overcrowded teeth by installing traditional braces in their mouth. In some of these cases, he might recommend extracting one of the teeth to provide sufficient space to accommodate its neighbors.

Afterward, you will need to maintain some basic aftercare measures to prevent complications while their gums continue to heal. This might include prescription pain medications that will need to be taken as directed.

Try to remind your son or daughter not to chew on the other side of your mouth while the gums are healing. They also shouldn’t drink through a straw as the suction could potentially pull a blood clot loose from the extraction site.

If you are in the Flagstaff, Arizona, area and your child has developed an overcrowding issue with their teeth, you should call (928) 774-0881 to schedule a braces consultation with Dr. Jacob Spendlove.

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