An Orthodontic Snore Guard Can Help

A prescription snore guard provided by Dr. Joseph Wilson and the orthodontic specialists at Yuma Orthodontics, Inc. is intended to help hold the mouth and soft palate in the correct position for the clear passage of air. This can help alleviate symptoms of moderate sleep apnea such as chronic snoring and intermediate breathing interruption.

The specific type of snore guard Dr. Joseph Wilson prescribes for you will be based on your personal preference as well as other factors involving your oral structure. Once you start using the snore guard, you will need to take some basic measures to clean and maintain it.

A tongue stabilizing device is ideal for denture wearers as it doesn’t need to attach to the teeth in anyway. A mandibular advancement device typically attaches to the teeth and might also incorporate some hinges.

The snore guard will also need some daily care and cleaning. You will need to thoroughly rinse the mouthpiece under cool water each morning to remove any plaque buildup from the surface. If necessary, you should use a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste to gently any plaque buildup.

Once you are done cleaning the snore guard you should dry the snore guard and store it safely in the case provided.

If you live in the Yuma, Arizona, region and you are interested in a prescription snore guard to help with a minor to moderate case of sleep apnea, you can call 928-343-9559 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Joseph Wilson.

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