• PIMM Wix Team

Are Electric Toothbrushes Safe To Use With Braces?

Your orthodontist at Orthodontics, Inc. is all about creating a healthy, beautiful smile that will last for years to come. An important part of protecting that smile is up to our patients. Although we’re in charge of keeping up our end of the bargain here in the office, you’re in charge of maintaining a solid oral hygiene routine once you leave.

One of the questions our patients ask us is, are electric toothbrushes safe to use with braces? Some people find it difficult to give their teeth a proper cleaning using an old-fashioned manual toothbrush, and have become accustomed to using an electric model.

So, our short answer is yes, it’s safe to “go electric,” because the braces we provide are able to stand up to the nylon bristles in the brushes found on most models. Some electric toothbrushes even have features that make them particularly good at cleaning teeth with braces, such as rounded heads, soft, flexible or specially shaped bristles, and handles that are angled to provide superior access to those hard-to-reach places in the mouth.

It’s always wise to look for an electric toothbrush that has received the ADA seal, which indicates there’s been clinical testing, or simply ask our orthodontist for a recommendation. And it should be noted that no matter what kind of toothbrush you use, it’s important to change the brush head every few months. Bristles that have become dull or crooked aren’t as effective, and bacteria accumulates over time.

Of course, a fancy toothbrush won’t do you much good unless you’re using it regularly! Brush two to three times a day for at least two minutes, holding the brush at a 45-degree angle to your gums. Consider a flossing device specially made for cleaning braces.

Your orthodontist at Orthodontics, Inc. stands ready to help you achieve that radiant smile. Please contact us to arrange an appointment!