Are You Bracing for Braces?

If you’re avoiding going to the orthodontist because you’re so nervous about getting braces, you’re not alone. Many people have a fear of braces or even the orthodontic office itself. Our team at Orthodontics, Inc. encourages you to use the following tips to help you feel at ease during your next orthodontic appointment.

– Talk to your orthodontist about your concerns. If you express your fears to Dr. Joseph A. Wilson, he will work with you to make your experience as gentle and comfortable as possible. Don’t be afraid to speak up about a part of the procedure that’s weighing on your mind.

– Do some research ahead of time. Knowing what to expect at your orthodontic appointments will help you prepare mentally and emotionally. Feel free to call Orthodontics, Inc. at 505-325-8858 with any questions you may have.

– Ask about alternatives to braces. In addition to traditional braces, we offer Invisalign®, WildSmiles, and Damon® Smile. If you feel that traditional braces aren’t for you, ask Dr. Joseph A. Wilson if you qualify for a less-obvious solution.

If you’re considering braces in Farmington, New Mexico, contact Orthodontics, Inc. at 505-325-8858. We treat patients of all ages for braces, and will be more than happy to address your questions and concerns. Instead of putting off braces, come talk to us!

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