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Athletes With Braces Can Be Prone to Dental Damage

Engaging in athletic activities is terrific for the players’ physical, mental and emotional health. But frequently competitors who wear orthodontic appliances may not realize that all of that serious sporting can also be accompanied by risks to their oral health.

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Though there may seem to be no correlation between sports and dental health, the link is the high-acid drinks, gels and energy bars athletes often use to refuel. The high levels of sugar and acids in those substances are tougher on teeth with metal braces and clear braces. The acids eat away at tooth enamel. It’s a process called decalcification, and it can promote cavities. And because enamel doesn’t regenerate, the damage is permanent. Add to the mix that the thorough and consistent removal of plaque can take extra time and effort is a commitment that some athletes don’t care to make.

Plaque thrives on sugar and starches, and it expels acid. If this sticky substance isn’t thoroughly removed every day, it can lead to more decalcification, cavities and gum disease. White marks (decalcification) around the braces’ brackets can appear within a few months.

To avoid damage that high-acid drinks, gels and energy bars, athletes should choose water or beverages with less acid. If that’s not possible, they should take in the drinks using a straw, which lessens the liquids’ contact with teeth. Swishing around water or a fluoride rinse after imbibing the sports drink is also advisable. Everyone should also know that soda (regular and diet), sweet tea, flavored water and other carbonated beverages can have the same harmful effects as sports drinks.

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