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Attending Appointments Is Key to the Treatment Process

Orthodontic treatment is a commitment between a patient and her (or his) orthodontist. Both people are obligated to do their best to ensure a successful outcome, which is a beautiful smile and excellent oral health. Yes, children’s lives are busy these days, but youngsters need to realize that they must fulfill their responsibility of being a “good patient.” That obligation includes attending all of their appointments during treatment.

Your child will love everyone here at Orthodontics Inc.. We welcome all of our patients with enthusiastic smiles because we’re passionate about helping them achieve their goals. We have the experience, compassion and technology to create stunning smiles.

An orthodontist’s plan is designed to complete each patient’s treatment using the most effective and efficient ways possible. Yet even the most meticulously thought-out strategies need to be fine-tuned along the way to make sure that every aspect is going well and on schedule.

Continual visits throughout treatment allow an orthodontist to observe how well the appliance—whether it be metal braces or clear braces—is doing its job. He (or she) needs to appraise the movements of teeth and keep an eye on the health of gums and teeth.

He must also check the physical integrity of the appliance. Wires can become dislocated, brackets may loosen or another component may have developed a disruption.

It’s just as—if not more—crucial that the orthodontist periodically needs to make planned adjustments to the braces that ensure treatment is progressing and on track. Advancements can come to a screeching halt when braces can’t do their job.

Similarly, if a wire or bracket goes askew between visits, a patient should tell her orthodontist right away so he can determine if she needs to make an immediate visit.

School, homework, afterschool endeavors and social events occasionally conflict with orthodontic appointments. That’s when the commitment between a patient and her orthodontist needs to be honored. If you can’t attend an appointment, schedule one for as soon as possible afterward. It’s a worthwhile team effort.

When you want an orthodontic office that delivers superior and compassionate care, choose Orthodontics Inc.. Please don’t hesitate to call us today for an appointment.

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