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Biting Your Tongue or Cheek? It Could Be An Alignment Problem

Frequently biting your tongue, lip or the inside of your mouth can be annoying and even painful. Sometimes the soreness from these bites can hang around for a few days, making eating and speaking less enjoyable, or they can even become infected if not properly treated. Maybe these accidental bites are a result of stress, or perhaps from a repetitive oral habit you’ve developed without realizing it. But it could be something more serious. A visit to the orthodontist at Ortho Inc. can diagnose what’s causing these accidental bites, and suggest solutions.

Repeatedly biting the lip, tongue and inside the cheek can be the result of an alignment issue with your teeth, or what’s known as a malocclusion. If your top and bottom teeth don’t fit together properly when your mouth is closed, it’s easy for the inside of your cheek to get in the way. When our teeth become overcrowded, or grow in crooked, this also can create a misaligned bite. Wisdom teeth that are squeezing into your mouth also can wind up on a direct trajectory for inside the cheeks.

Biting the cheeks can also be a sign of a temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, disorder. A TMJ disorder can lead to pain, stiffness and dysfunction in the jaw and the muscles that control the jaw’s movement. This condition is also associated with frequent headaches.

Advances available through our practice at Ortho Inc. allow us to diagnose and treat these conditions with more options than in years past. From traditional braces, to braces that are hidden behind the teeth, to clear aligners, achieving a healthy, radiant smile has never been easier. If you have questions about how misalignment may be contributing to frequently biting your tongue or cheeks, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment.


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