• PIMM Wix Team

Brace For Impact: How To Stay Positive During Orthodontic Treatment

In recent years, advances in the field of orthodontics have made braces less noticeable and reduced the amount of time they need to be worn. And even though ceramic and lingual braces that are less detectable have become more popular over the years, traditional metal braces are often the best and most widely recommended way to achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. Unfortunately, our patients of all ages at Ortho Inc. may feel some embarrassment, especially in the early days with their braces. Kids can be worried about getting a ribbing at school, while adults may feel self-conscious at work,

So what’s our advice for remaining confident during our treatment? Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind personally, or to tell your children who’ve just received braces.

  • Consider the alternatives: Crooked teeth can be a lot more obvious than braces, and be viewed much more negatively, too.

  • Time flies: This relatively short period of potential discomfort and self-consciousness pales in comparison with the many years ahead with a smile you’ll be proud to show to the world.

  • Strength in numbers: No matter your age, you’re far from alone, with an estimated four million people wearing braces nationwide. And of those, about one million are adults!

  • Hollywood ending: Keep in mind that the end result will be not only a great-looking smile, but fresher breath, improved oral health, and greater comfort when enjoying your favorite foods.

  • And, above all else, keep smiling! Trying to hide your braces behind a hand or tight lips will not only have the reverse effect by drawing more attention, but also have a direct impact on the way you feel emotionally. Smiling is directly linked to happiness, so don’t hold back!

Our orthodontist at Ortho Inc. wants our patients to feel confident before and during treatment that this temporary adjustment period will be more than worth it when we achieve that healthy, radiant smile! Please contact us for an appointment.