Braces Can Be Used to Adjust Overcrowded Teeth

Part of the process of growing into adulthood includes your 20 baby teeth being replaced by 32 permanent teeth. As this happens, it’s possible for several teeth to emerge close to each other. Sometimes the spacing can be very tight, leading to orthodontic issues and other complications. If the overcrowding has caused significant alignment issues, it could cause chips on multiple teeth corresponding in your bite.

To remedy a problem like this, Dr. Jacob Spendlove and the orthodontic specialists at his orthodontic clinic often recommend installing braces.

Regular adjustment appointments will apply progressive tension to each tooth. This stretches the periodontal ligaments anchoring the teeth in their sockets to move them one step closer to a healthier alignment.

If one or two teeth are extremely tight or grossly out of alignment, Dr. Jacob Spendlove might recommend a tooth extraction. This will provide sufficient space to bring the remaining teeth into their ideal alignment.

After the teeth have come into alignment, you will need to wear a retainer to help your teeth hold their new positions. This will ensure that your teeth accept their new positions while any lingering tension in the periodontal ligaments gradually abates.

If you are struggling with an overcrowding issue and you’re interested in braces in Flagstaff, Arizona, you should call (928) 774-0881 to schedule a braces consultation at Orthodontics, Inc..

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