Braces Can Correct Your Smile’s Appearance and Prevent Other Dental Problems

Braces have traditionally been thought of for correcting significant dental alignment issues. This sometimes tempts people with minor alignment problems to forgo braces. This can leave your teeth at increased risk of dental attrition and dental fracture in the long term.

Over time two or more teeth could rub together excessively in a sensitive area. This can cause dental attrition to erode an area of tooth enamel. Two teeth meeting incorrectly in your dentition can also cause a chip or more significant dental fracture.

When this happens the compromised areas of tooth enamel could collect bacterial deposits causing a cavity to form deep inside an already compromised tooth.

Fortunately, Dr. Jacob Spendlove can prevent these problems and improve your smile’s appearance by fitting you for traditional braces at his orthodontic clinic in Flagstaff, Arizona. If you’re uncomfortable with the visible hardware on your smile Dr. Jacob Spendlove can apply a porcelain coating that will match your tooth enamel.

If you only have minor alignment issues with your teeth, Dr. Jacob Spendlove might be able to fit you for removable clear plastic aligners like Invisalign®. This can improve the alignment of your teeth in as little as six to eight weeks.

If you live in the Flagstaff, Arizona, area and you have alignment issues with your teeth, you should call (928) 774-0881 to schedule a braces consultation at Orthodontics, Inc..

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