Braces Require Routine Adjustments to Attain Your Ideal Smile

The braces hardware installed in your mouth at Yuma Orthodontics, Inc. have been designed to realign your teeth to improve orthodontic issues and give you an appealing smile. The process involves applying successive tension through routine adjustment appointments. This will apply tension to the periodontal ligaments that anchor each tooth in its specific socket.

Each iteration moves your teeth one step closer to their ideal alignment. If you miss an adjustment session, it will likely increase the total duration of time it takes to achieve your ideal smile. So, if you know of an upcoming scheduling conflict, you should call us to set up another appointment time.

Sometimes a spacer will feel loose or even fall out shortly before your next adjustment. In a situation like this, you should call 928-343-9559 to consult with a member of our orthodontic staff. The simplest solution is to schedule an earlier adjustment session.

During the adjustment session, let Dr. Joseph Wilson know about any braces hardware that might feel loose or might be suffering from wear and tear. That way he can replace it and make any other required adjustments.

If you’ve been struggling to brush or floss a particular area, let Dr. Joseph Wilson know. In many of these situations, he might recommend using special oral hygiene tools like a floss threader, interdental brush or oral irrigator.

If you are due or overdue for your next adjustment session in Yuma, Arizona, you should call 928-343-9559 to schedule an appointment at our orthodontic clinic.

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