Can Invisalign® Save Your Smile?

As time progresses, newer and better technologies come to pass. With orthodontics, you no longer need to wear a helmet-sized metal contraption that looked more like a torture device than an orthodontic treatment used to straighten teeth. One of the newest technologies, Invisalign®, is so amazing that no metal is even required anymore, and instead, your treatment relies entirely on a patented thermoplastic clip-on that takes less effort than putting on your socks in the morning.

Can Invisalign save your smile? Take the following quiz to see what Invisalign can do for you:

TRUE or FALSE: Invisalign orthodontic aligners can be removed. – This is true. If you need to remove your aligners for meals or for cleaning, they can easily be taken out and reinserted later.

TRUE or FALSE: Invisalign aligners are invisible. – This is somewhat true because Invisalign aligners are partially invisible. If they were 100% invisible, it would VERY difficult to find them every time you had to put them in!

TRUE or FALSE: One set of Invisalign can be shared among individuals with misalignment issues. – This is false. Each pair of Invisalign aligners is designed and crafted for each patient’s individual dental profile to ensure the best possible treatment. Also, never share mouth utensils, including aligners, as this can easily lead to contamination.

TRUE or FALSE: As with other braces and orthodontic treatments, there are food restrictions. – This is false as there are no food restrictions with Invisalign because they are removable.

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