Caring for Your Teeth with Braces

If you have crooked or crowded teeth, Dr. Jacob Spendlove may recommend braces in Flagstaff, Arizona. Getting braces requires dedication on your part. Caring for your teeth while wearing braces will take a little more time. However, the end results are well worth the effort.

How to Brush and Floss with Braces Braces and other orthodontic appliances can attract plaque and food, which can stain the teeth if it is not removed. Our orthodontist may recommend brushing your teeth after every meal or snack, carefully removing any food that is stuck in your braces. Brush using a soft toothbrush. To clean each tooth, brush down from the top and up from the bottom. Next, use a proxabrush, which is also called a Christmas tree brush, to clean between your braces. Between each set of brackets, insert the brush from the top to the bottom and then from the bottom to the top, using several strokes in each direction. There is also a special procedure for flossing with braces. Insert the short end of the floss between the main arch wire and the part of the tooth closest to the gums. Use a gentle sawing motion to work the floss between the teeth. Be very careful around the arch wire.

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