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  • Joe Wilson

Click Here To Save on Orthodontics? Not So Fast

Smiling for the camera is great when you’re posing for a selfie. But would you really want to rely on your digital photography skills to get fitted for orthodontic treatment? That’s just one of the potential drawbacks presented by the proliferation of internet do-it-yourself orthodontic come-ons that promise to save you money by, literally, taking matters into your own hands.

Our orthodontist at Orthodontics, Inc. has had years of specialized training beyond dental school in order to master the complex practice of safely moving teeth into their proper positions and guiding dental, jaw and facial development. It took our orthodontic specialist years of extra training including a residency program to acquire these skills — skills that can’t be replaced by these online purveyors.

Here are just a few reasons why cheap internet-based orthodontic treatment can cost you a lot more in the long run:

No dental examination: No treatment should be commenced without a live examination by the orthodontist who is performing the treatment. Without such an assessment, conditions like tooth decay and gum disease might be overlooked.

Wrong impression: Do-it-yourselfers are also relying on themselves to take the impressions and scans that will determine their aligner treatment. It takes years of practice to create an accurate mold, and getting it wrong can lead to discomfort or damage.

No Followup appointments: Who’s monitoring whether the aligner is properly moving your teeth into position, and correcting the treatment if needed? Well, just you, unless you’re scheduling the orthodontic appointments that we recommend.

Oral hygiene: No successful orthodontic treatment can be completed without regular checkups to make sure a buildup of calculus — a form of hardened dental plaque — isn’t preventing your aligner from fitting properly.

Save your internet browsing for buying your favorite clothing and video games. Leave the complex practice of creating your lasting, beautiful smile to the orthodontist at Orthodontics, Inc.. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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