Different Types of Recommended Braces

Adolescence is a time of great physical change in the human body. One of these changes involves all of your child’s 20 baby teeth being replaced by their 32 permanent teeth. When this happens the changes in the shape of your child’s mouth, as well as any teeth that required extraction in childhood, can cause some of their teeth to fall into a compromised alignment.

Overbite or under-bite where their upper or lower jaw is larger or is positioned further out from the other, can also be improved by wearing braces.

How far your child’s teeth are out of alignment or how much of an over or under-bite they might have, will greatly influence just how long they will need to wear braces.

There are different types of braces that Dr. Joseph Wilson can install. While they might vary slightly in design they all work on the same basic set of principles.

One the braces are installed your child will need to see Dr. Joseph Wilson every four to six weeks for an adjustment session. This will stretch the periodontal ligaments that anchor your child teeth in place. Each adjustment session brings them one step closer to their ideal alignment.

Traditional braces use brackets cemented to the face of your teeth and linked by a wire on the top and bottom of your jaw. Traditional braces almost always include bands and spacers to further aid in the realignment process.

Ceramic coated braces are exactly like traditional braces, only the majority of the hardware has been coated in a porcelain-ceramic material that is shaded to match your natural tooth enamel.

Clear plastic braces are reserved for children and adults that only need minor adjustments. The clear plastic aligners are custom shaped to your teeth. Every two weeks you switch out to another set that is tuned one step closer to your ideal alignment.

If you have questions about braces, you should call Dr. Joseph Wilson at 928-343-9559 to schedule an appointment.

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