Each Adjustment Appointment is Critical for Realigning Your Teeth

The orthodontic hardware of your new braces are the functional element needed to realign your teeth. This is possible by applying progressive tension to the hardware during routine adjustment appointments at Yuma Orthodontics, Inc.. Each of these sessions will move your teeth one gradual step toward their ideal alignment.

The adjustment sessions also include a thorough inspection of the braces hardware. Spacers, bands, or any other piece of hardware that’s suffered some wear and tear will need to be replaced. If you’ve noticed a problem with any piece of orthodontic hardware, be sure to let Dr. Joseph Wilson know. That way we can pay extra attention or develop a plan to repair or replace it.

Here at Yuma Orthodontics, Inc., your orthodontist recommends having your braces adjusted every four to six weeks. At the same time, it’s not unheard of for a spacer to feel loose or even fall out right before a scheduled adjustment session. Should this happen, you should call our clinic for advice. In most cases, your orthodontist will recommend scheduling an earlier adjustment appointment.

Maintaining good oral hygiene throughout the alignment process is important. Excessive wear and tear on braces hardware or tooth decay complications can increase the duration of the alignment process. If you are struggling to clean in and around any part of your braces hardware, feel free to ask your orthodontist for advice.

If you have questions about how to maintain your braces in Yuma, Arizona, you can always call 928-343-9559 to seek further advice from the orthodontic specialists at Yuma Orthodontics, Inc..

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