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  • Joe Wilson

Early Orthodontic Exams Are Crucial to Kids’ Oral Health

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children should get their initial orthodontic check-up at the first sign of a problem or by the time they’re 7 years old. Ages 6 through 7 are when kids have a combination of primary and permanent teeth, and when their faces and jaws are developing. It’s around those ages when an orthodontist will be able to gather crucial information about how well your child’s permanent teeth are coming in. If the orthodontist sees current or potential issues, she (or he) will describe all treatment options.

At the office of Orthodontics Inc, our top priority is to provide dental healthcare solutions that best suit your child’s needs. We want to make sure that he or she child can enjoy healthy, attractive and well-functioning teeth that will last a lifetime.

Few orthodontic troubles require intervention while a child still has his (or her) baby teeth. If an orthodontist detects or suspects an issue, she’ll probably want to take a practical “wait-and-see” tactic. She will want to monitor your child’s growth processes and then take action when the time is right. But if your child does indeed need treatment while he still has a significant number of his baby teeth, it will be because the orthodontist wants to create a healthy environment for permanent teeth that will be coming in.

Not all early treatment requires braces. For some children, it could involve simply removing an obstinate primary tooth to make room for the smooth arrival of the tooth under it. Some kids must change how they position their tongues when they swallow, or be taught how to break their thumb-sucking habit. Then there are cases in which a child’s upper jaw is so narrow that his adult teeth won’t have enough room to come in well. Palate expanders are often used to increase the width.

By starting orthodontic care early when needed, the knowledgeable and caring professionals at the office of Orthodontics Inc assure that your child’s oral health will have the best outcome. We will examine every aspect of the alignment of your child’s teeth and discuss with you every treatment option. Properly aligned teeth do wonders for anyone’s smile and oral health. For more information about our many services, please don’t hesitate to call today for an appointment.

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