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  • Joe Wilson

Eating Candy With Braces

Candies are for all occasions – Halloween, Easter, birthdays, and more! While most people just enjoy chewing and biting into candies without having second thoughts, those wearing braces might be worried. Can you eat candy with braces? Yes, but not all.

If you love sweets and you’re wearing braces, you have to remember to stay away from treats that are hard, sticky, gooey, and chewy. These treats can easily get stuck in the brackets and wires of your braces.

These are some of the candies you CAN eat with braces:

1. Chocolate

As long as the chocolate is without caramel or nuts, it should be fine. Also, we know chocolate tastes better when it’s not melting, but biting into frozen chocolate can cause damage. Keep them fun-sized or normal-sized!

2. Soft cookies

Most cookies are going to be fine to eat with braces, especially if they are soft. That means cookies that aren’t hard enough to break off a bracket or bend the wire.

3. Candies

Don’t chew and bite on hard candies! Hard candies don’t have to be off-limits but remember to NOT chew and bite on them.

4. Marshmallows

You might be thinking, aren’t marshmallows chewy? Well, yes, but they’re also soft and not gooey, so they’re okay to eat.

It might be disappointing that there are still lots of candies you can’t eat with braces but we’re sure you don’t want to wear your braces longer than necessary or take extra trips to the orthodontist. Get your sugar fix but remember which ones to avoid. You can also ask your orthodontist if you’re unsure about anything before eating them.

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