Follow Up Orthodontic Treatment With a Retainer to Preserve Your Smile

Your routinely scheduled visits with the orthodontist and our team to have your braces adjusted is necessary for the proper alignment of your teeth. Following the removal of your braces, areas of your smile will still have tension, including the dental sockets and their connective tissues, requiring a second phase of treatment. You can receive a custom-made retainer from our orthodontist to preserve the new position of your teeth.

If you don’t follow up orthodontic treatment with a retainer, the tension in your teeth may cause them to shift back into their unwanted alignment. Your retainer from Yuma Orthodontics, Inc. will be provided after your braces are removed. Dr. Joseph Wilson can help you choose from the different types of retainers to select the style that is right for you.

Hawley retainers are the most popular option for removable retainers. This retainer is comprised of custom shaped acrylic and is a thin appliance that conforms to fit your unique smile. It attaches to your teeth with a set of wires to ensure it stays secure.

If your smile underwent a significant correction from orthodontic treatment, you may need to receive a fixed retainer that will become a permanent part of your smile. Made from durable metal, our orthodontist cements this band behind your teeth. In some cases, patients also receive a removable Hawley retainer for their upper teeth.

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