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  • Joe Wilson

For some orthodontic patients, the treatment choice is clear

Sometimes the choice of which orthodontic treatment is right for you is clear. At the orthodontic office of Orthodontics Inc, clear aligners have become increasingly popular since their introduction some two decades ago. In the United States, about one in five orthodontic patients are choosing this option. Although braces remain the most common orthodontic treatment, this method has become popular in no small part because it’s a practically undetectable way to straighten your teeth.

What are aligners and how do they work? These thin, plastic-like devices are trays that are created to fit the patient’s teeth. These clear aligners are usually worn for two to three weeks, for about 22 hours a day, with the patient removing them while eating and brushing/flossing. These appliances reposition your teeth slowly, a fraction of a millimeter at a time. The number of aligners required to do the job depends on each patient’s condition.

Some patients may feel a bit of discomfort when initially fitted for their clear aligners, but that’s usually just a brief adjustment period. And because they are rather small and removable, patients need to keep track of them because they can be quite easily damaged or lost. There are many sad tales of these aligners falling out of pockets or accidentally tossed out with the trash.

One note of caution: Drinking soda, flavored water or sports drinks must be avoided when you’re wearing these appliances. Liquids can find their way into the aligners, and the acid or sugar found in these drinks can stain the teeth and cause cavities. The wearer’s teeth must be totally clean when the aligner is placed in the mouth.

Are clear aligners, braces or another orthodontic treatment right for you? At the office of Orthodontics Inc we specialize in evaluating each individual and providing the best path to achieving the smile they desire. Please contact our office today to arrange an appointment.

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