How Do I Keep My Retainer Free from Plaque?

Plaque is a white, sticky substance that is dangerous for the smile. Unfortunately, it clings to the teeth and even your retainer. If you’re not careful, it can promote tooth decay and gum disease. So, if you notice the little white deposits on your retainer, it’s important to remove them regularly. To help you do so, our orthodontist, Dr. Joseph A. Wilson, is happy to give you some cleaning tips.

To begin the cleaning process, place the retainer in a cup full of white vinegar. Leave the appliance there for 2-5 minutes and then take it out. Next, scrub your retainer with a toothbrush that isn’t being used. The vinegar should loosen the plaque and make it easier to remove by brushing. When you’re done, place toothpaste on the brush’s bristles and scrub the retainer once more. This can help eliminate the vinegar taste when you put the appliance back in your mouth. It’s best to use non-abrasive toothpaste when cleaning the retainer.

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