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If Your Teeth Have Changed Positions, an Orthodontist Can help

Your mouth is a biosphere whose elements frequently change. Saliva comes and goes, bacteria wax and wane, and the tongue can turn colors other than red. Also, it’s not uncommon for teeth to shift a bit. Some repositioning needs no treatment and creates no symptoms, while adults with more extreme movement might want to seek orthodontic care even if they had braces when they were kids.

Rely on the office of Orthodontics Inc. for excellent care for youngsters and adults. All of our patients sense the quality of our services as soon as they walk through our doors. Our friendly staff looks forward to meeting you and providing you with tailored service, devotion and attention to detail.

It’s a common belief that teeth always stay in place. Actually, their positions in the jaw bones offer movement via cementum material (a calcified substance that covers a tooth’s root) and the periodontal ligament (connective tissue fibers that attach the tooth to the jaw bones’ tooth sockets). This duo gives your teeth the flexibility to stand up to the forces of chewing and other regular activities.

A normal amount of shifting due to the natural aging process and the daily use of your mouth are unpreventable. But severe shifting can be due to bruxism (grinding your teeth), gaps left by missing teeth, a severe injury to your face and/or mouth, tooth decay, gum disease and other dental conditions.

It’s important to address severe shifting because it can lead to acute issues with your teeth, bite and overall oral health. Don’t hesitate to consult with an orthodontist so he or she can decide, depending on its severity and underlying cause, if or how your condition should be addressed. Attending to intense shifts as soon as possible increases the likelihood of preventing related problems that must be treated. This especially holds if the changes make your teeth hurt.

Orthodontics Inc.’sfriendly authorities are eager to help you feel comfortable and relaxed while receiving the best care. For more information about how we can give your child or you a gorgeous smile, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us.

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