Important Orthodontic Tools You Should Know

The purpose of your braces is to improve your tooth alignment by realigning your teeth so that you can have a healthier and more attractive smile. Your braces depend on daily care to remain in good shape, and we offer insight into effective orthodontic tools that make cleaning your appliance easier.

Dr. Jacob Spendlove and our team encourage you to take good care of all of the parts of your braces so that they remain clean and functional. If you struggle to clean your braces appliance well enough to have a healthy smile, you can ask our orthodontist about which orthodontic tools may be effective in improving your oral hygiene.

If a regular toothbrush doesn’t seem to be doing the trick when you brush, you can try an interdental brush that has a small angled brush head designed to clean not just your teeth and gums, but also the brackets, wires, spacers and bands that can easily trap food particles.

Flossing can also become more complicated when you have braces, as it becomes harder to reach the gum line and between the teeth. You may find that this is better done with a loop-shaped tool called a floss threader that uses waxed dental floss to remove particles from your wires and brackets and easily slide into the tight spaces around your teeth.

To thoroughly rinse your smile and help dislodge food particles, you can try a dental water jet to produce a stream of water that is highly concentrated and can be aimed around the crevices in your mouth. However, this does not replace the act of flossing with dental floss.

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