Insights to Help Your Child Maintain Their Retainer

Using a retainer after Dr. Jacob Spendlove has removed your child’s braces will help your child’s teeth to maintain their ideal alignment until the residual tension in their periodontal ligaments subsides. The most common type of retainer he prescribes is known as a Hawley. If your child doesn’t use their retainer during the required times, their teeth to slip out of alignment or it could increase the time required to use it.

Properly maintaining their Hawley retainer will help to improve their oral hygiene and reduce the chances of it becoming damaged or misaligned. This could also extend the duration you need to use it.

Make sure they know to always keep their Hawley retainer in the case provided when they aren’t wearing it. They should try to always keep the case with them, instead of improvising with other things like napkins or plastic bags. To refresh your retainer, they can soak it in a mixture of one-half antiseptic mouthwash and one-half cold water.

They should brush their Hawley retainer with a soft bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste each day to remove plaque buildup and keep it clean. This should be part of their usual brushing and flossing routine. If their Hawley retainer needs further refreshing, they can soak it in a mixture of one half water and half antiseptic mouthwash.

If you have questions about how to help your son or daughter clean and maintain their new Hawley retainer, you can call Dr. Jacob Spendlove at (928) 774-0881 to schedule an appointment.

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