• PIMM Wix Team

Is your bite out of alignment? Check these common signs

Did you know that the type of bite you have has a big impact on your appearance, the way you eat, and even the way you speak? The orthodontist at Orthodontics, Inc. specializes in all things related to the way our teeth look, feel, and function, and has the experience and treatment options to diagnose and correct any conditions that are preventing you from attaining a healthy, beautiful smile.

There are a number of “bad bites,” also called malocclusions, that occur when our teeth either don’t come together correctly, or don’t even meet at all. Here are some examples of common malocclusions found in children and adults:

  • When the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth, we call this a crossbite, which can lead to uneven jaw growth and an uneven wearing down of the enamel — the hard, protective outer layer of our teeth.

  • When the lower jaw juts out in front of the upper jaw, this is termed an underbite, which wears down the teeth and puts stress on the jaws. It’s also characterized by a bulldog-like appearance in the mouth and face.

  • When the upper front teeth cover too much of the bottom teeth while the bite is closed, we call this a deep bite. This can result in the upper teeth biting into the lower gums, and the lower teeth biting into the roof of the mouth. Gum disease and damaged enamel can be the result.

  • There are two types of open bites: Anterior, when the back teeth are together but the upper and lower teeth don’t overlap; and posterior, when the front teeth meet but the back teeth do not.

Bite problems do not correct over time, even among children. If you believe your or your child may have signs of one of the conditions described above, our orthodontist at Orthodontics, Inc. can straighten things out — literally. Please contact our office today for an appointment!