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Knowledge is Power. Here’s What Your Child Can Expect

Some kids are hesitant to delve into an undertaking because they don’t know what to expect. If your child needs orthodontic treatment but is tentative because she (or he) doesn’t know what awaits her, we at the office of Orthodontics, Inc. are happy to offer the particulars.

Our friendly staff is dedicated to caring for you and your entire family’s orthodontic health. We take the time to create a personalized treatment for each patient and offer a wide range of services. Our goal is to make everyone’s visit with us extremely pleasant.

There are three main types of appliances: Metal braces, invisible aligners and clear braces. There might be some discomfort after her braces are installed or when the invisible aligners are worn for the first time. But the irritation is short-lived and easily controlled. When she gets used to wearing his appliance, she might even forget it’s there.

An orthodontist can estimate how long she’ll wear her braces or aligners. That length of time will be different from her friends’ because each person has his or her own unique straightening needs.

She’ll have to make periodic visits—every six to 10 weeks—to the orthodontist so he can evaluate the advancement of treatment, as well as have her braces adjusted or pick up aligners. The orthodontist will also check out the health of her gums and teeth. Those appointments don’t take long, so she won’t have to worry about much lost time during after-school activities.

If your child has metal or clear braces, she’ll have to carefully choose what she eats. Foods that are crunchy, sticky, hard or extremely chewy could dislodge, break or get stuck in any component of the braces. She’ll have to stick with things that are soft and easy to chew.

If the orthodontist decides that your child’s condition is suitable for invisible aligners, she’ll have freedom in that, because they’re removable, she can take them out to floss, brush and eat.

It’s always important for people to use mouth guards while engaging in sports, but it will be especially important for her to wear a mouth guard while she’s undergoing orthodontic treatment. The orthodontist will tell her is she needs a mouth guard that’s made specifically for athletes.

The care our patients receive at Orthodontics, Inc. is focused on providing a comfortable and relaxing environment while giving them superior treatment. Our elite team has the unparalleled knowledge, ability and focus to carry out and fulfill each individual’s orthodontic needs. Our goal is to offer a clear picture of their options and deliver the results they expect. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

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