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  • Joe Wilson

Let’s Get This Straight: How Braces Work

Braces have been the traditional method used to straighten teeth for many years. There are even references to early forms of this practice dating as far back as ancient times. But that doesn’t mean braces are an outdated method of achieving a healthy, beautiful smile.

The orthodontists at Orthodontics, Inc. perform a thorough evaluation of each patient’s bite and alignment to determine which treatment option is right for them. When we recommend braces, our patients can feel confident that the process of installing and caring for them will be handled far more comfortably than in the past. The amount of time braces are worn also may be considerably shorter than was typical years ago.

Braces are still among the most trusted options because they work. Why do they work so well? As a fixed appliance, braces provide a high level of control over the movement of the patient’s teeth. The brackets, wires, and bands comprising a set of braces put the proper amount of pressure on the teeth to reposition them over a certain period of time. In conjunction with regular visits to our orthodontists, and the careful adherence to a diet that avoids sugary beverages and foods that could damage the braces, this treatment method has been shown to be a highly effective way to deliver excellent results.

The friendly, caring orthodontists at Orthodontics, Inc. work with our patients to create a healthy, radiant smile that they will be proud of for years to come. Our specialists use only the most modern technology and materials in our state-of-the-art facility. We have treatment options for every need, no matter the age of the patient or the severity of his or her condition. If you have questions about what we can do to improve your smile and oral health, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today for an appointment.

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