Maintaining Your Braces Help Minimize the Duration of the Realignment Process

The braces hardware installed in your mouth by Dr. Joseph A. Wilson has been designed to effectively realign your teeth. This will require routine adjustment sessions every four to six weeks. Each of these appointments will place increased tension on your teeth and braces hardware. Over time, this will correct the alignment of your teeth.

Maintaining your braces and good oral hygiene is very important to the realignment process. If some part of your braces is damaged or you suffer multiple cavities it could alter the tension on your braces. This could increase the amount of time it takes to properly correct the alignment of your teeth.

You might want to try using an interdental brush to help clean hard to reach areas of your mouth. It has a small, angled brush head to help you remove food particles from braces hardware and the contours of your teeth.

A dental water flosser like Waterpik® can be helpful for loosening food particles from hard to reach places and cleaning along the gumline. However, this is not an effective alternative to traditional dental floss and its ability to physically clear away plaque and food matter.

If you’re having problems flossing around wires and other braces hardware, you might want to try using a floss threader with waxed dental floss. This simple oral hygiene tool can help insert the strand of dental floss around braces hardware allowing you to effectively clean the gumline.

You might want to also rethink some of your food options and daily habits. Many stick and hard foods can pose a threat to braces hardware. Staying away from these foods and abstaining from chewing gum can help maintain the integrity of your braces.

If you had braces installed at Dr. Joseph A. Wilson’s orthodontic clinic in Farmington, New Mexico and you have a question about how to maintain them, you can always call 505-325-8858 to speak to a staff member at Orthodontics, Inc..

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