Maintaining Your New Smile with a Retainer

Congratulations, after multiple adjustment sessions with Dr. Joseph Wilson your teeth have been aligned into their ideal smile. It’s important to remember that even after your braces have been removed your teeth will still need a little bit of help maintaining their new position.

There will still be a small amount of residual tension in the periodontal ligaments that secure your teeth in their sockets. If this tension isn’t addressed, it will gradually pull your teeth out of alignment again.

Dr. Joseph Wilson will fit you for a custom retainer immediately after your braces have been removed. Wearing your retainer during the prescribed times will help your teeth maintain their ideal alignment while the residual tension in your periodontal ligaments gradually subsides.

Dr. Joseph Wilson might change the duration and times of day you need to wear the retainer depending on the progress he sees over time. In general, most people need to use a retainer for as long as they needed to wear braces.

For the first few days after you start wearing a retainer, your mouth might salivate more. This is natural and to be expected. After a while your mouth will adapt and things will return to normal.

If your braces are about to be removed, and you have questions about retainers, you can call Dr. Joseph Wilson’s office in Yuma, Arizona at 928-343-9559 for a consultation.

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