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Monitor Your Child For Potential Dental Issues

Though children have a mix of primary and permanent teeth when they’re 7 years

old, parents should start monitoring the development of their youngsters’ teeth at

the age of 6 months. That’s when primary teeth begin to erupt. Moms and dads can

start observing if their kids’ teeth are growing in properly.

For a superior orthodontic practice that delivers gentle and compassionate

treatment, choose the office of Orthodontics Inc.. We have a solid reputation

for providing first-class care for children and adults. Our team is skilled in the total

range of services that will establish and maintain the health and beauty of our

patients’ smiles.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children see an

orthodontist no later than age 7. These dental professionals are experts at

determining if a problem exists or is emerging. However, these issues should lead

you to take your child to an orthodontist before he (or she) reaches 7. An

orthodontist is uniquely trained to evaluate children’s growth and the exchange of

baby teeth for permanent teeth.

But don’t wait until he’s 7 to take your child for an orthodontic consultation if his

teeth: are crowded, misplaced or blocked out; bite into his cheek or the roof of the

mouth; stick out; cause speech, chewing or bite problems; are extremely crowded

or spaced; or meet abnormally or not at all.

Also, be on the lookout for early or late loss of primary teeth; facial imbalances;

jaws that shift, protrude, recede or make noises; missing or a surplus of teeth; and

breathing through his mouth. The correction of an underbite (the upper teeth are

behind the lower teeth) or crossbite (the lower teeth are outside the upper teeth)

lends itself to timely treatment.

Countless patients have gotten their winning smiles from the office of

Orthodontics Inc.. To learn more about our state-of-the-art courses of

treatment, please call us today. We want to start your child off with a gorgeous

smile that he will cherish and everyone will admire.

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