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  • Joe Wilson

Oral health and orthodontic treatment go hand in hand

When our patients at the offices of Orthodontics Inc ask our orthodontic specialist about how important their diet is when it comes to supporting their oral health, we’ve got a short answer for them: Very important. Working with us to achieve that longed-for smile could be all for naught if the patient isn’t playing an active part by making smart choices at mealtime.

The longer answer we provide our patients is based on years of experience, backed by research from the American Dental Association. While it is common knowledge that sugary snacks, pastries, and soft drinks are leading culprits when it comes to tooth decay, there are plenty of other cavity-causing favorites to watch out for.

Food and beverages that contain high amounts of acid can strip away the tooths’ enamel — the hard outer protective layer — in a process known as erosion. Not only does erosion affect the way your teeth look, it also leaves them vulnerable to infection. Some items that contain high amounts of acid and should be moderated in your diet include sour-tasting drinks and citrus fruit — even fresh-squeezed orange juice. Even tomatoes, which are nutritionally beneficial, are acidic. And some dried fruit that may be healthy, like raisins, can stick to your teeth and leave a coating of cavity-causing bacteria.

Now, what about the right things to eat and drink? Topping the list is water, plenty of water. It not only washes away leftover food particles, but also bathes your teeth in essential nutrients. And make sure your diet includes the five major food groups: Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources, and low- or fat-free dairy products.

At the office of Orthodontics Inc we consider our patients to be our partners in achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. Please contact our office today to learn more about how oral health goes hand-in-hand with successful orthodontic treatment.

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