Orthodontia for Adults

Dental issues can arise at any age. Whether you have always struggled with a less-than-straight smile or have recently developed a condition that jeopardizes the quality of your smile, you should consider your orthodontic options. These days, 25 percent of orthodontic procedures consist of adult patients.

The function of braces goes beyond the aesthetic appearance of your smile. By correcting your teeth and jaw, you’re protecting your mouth from dental hazards like tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, enamel loss and TMJ disorders.

Dr. Jacob Spendlove specializes in braces for adults and can help you find a solution that best fits your needs, even if you have dental fillings or a history of periodontal disease. Scientific progression has made braces much more comfortable in recent years, so you can still go about your daily business with minor disruption or distraction.

If, for one reason or another, braces aren’t a good fit for your lifestyle, you can opt for Invisalign®, a transparent covering that coaxes your teeth back into formation and realigns your jaw. Invisalign® is adjustable, easy to clean and can be removed at mealtimes. The process may take longer than braces, depending on your teeth and jaw alignment.

For more information on adult orthodontia, or to schedule an appointment, contact Orthodontics, Inc. at (928) 774-0881 or pay us a visit in Flagstaff, Arizona. We’d be delighted to review your orthodontic options and help you receive the best care. Your journey to your best, brightest smile begins with us.

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