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Orthodontics Is About A Lot More Than Your Smile

Our orthodontist at Ortho Inc. has more ways than ever to improve the way our patients’ smiles look, feel, and function. The options available to patients of all ages has made orthodontic treatment more popular and attainable than ever before. But did you know that our practice is about much more than straightening teeth and producing healthy, beautiful smiles? Orthodontic treatment can have flattering effects on your face and jaw line, too!

Bringing the teeth into their proper alignment can correct the uneven appearance of a patient’s chin, cheeks and lips. Misalignments — known as malocclusions — in a patient’s bite can cause the face to take on something of a lopsided appearance. A patient’s overbite can result in a weak looking chin and lips that stick out a little too far. A patient’s underbite can cause the jaw to jut out. A patient’s cheeks can take on a sunken appearance from misaligned teeth, and the jawline may be affected. A misalignment can prevent the mouth and lips from closing properly, which affects the appearance and also can lead to bad breath and dry mouth.

A bright, natural and healthy looking smile sends a positive message to the world. Whether you are trying to land that coveted job, make a strong first impression on a date, or show your loved ones how much they mean to you, it all begins with a smile. And, of course, smiling relaxes the facial muscles and sends stress-reducing signals to the brain. All of these benefits become even more enhanced when the beauty unlocked by that smile extends to your lips, cheeks and jawline.

The orthodontist at Ortho Inc. works with patients of all ages to achieve results that go well beyond their teeth. Recent advances in braces and clear aligners provide more options than ever, delivered in our spotless, comfortable, state-of-the-art office. Please contact our office to arrange a consultation!

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