• PIMM Wix Team

Pay Extra Attention To Your Oral Hygiene While Wearing Braces

After you got your braces put on, did you get a bit lax about your overall oral healthcare? If so, know that this is no time to be taking good care of your braces but not the rest of your dental health.

The office of Ortho Inc. focuses on providing its patients with superior orthodontic care. We’re dedicated to helping each of them enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile. We provide comprehensive programs of treatment designed to straighten their teeth and increase their overall oral health.

Even if your current habits aren’t stellar, it’s never too late to start a new regime. Try these tactics.

Don’t leave home without it, with “it” being teeth that have been thoroughly flossed and brushed. Greeting the day (and anyone with whom you have a close encounter!) with a cleansed kisser is a terrific way to present yourself. It’s also great for banishing your breakfast’s leftovers, freshening your breath, preventing coffee stains and dispatching bacteria that have formed overnight.

Use a tongue scraper. Buy one at drug stores and pharmacies, and some toothbrushes come with a scraping pad that’s on the other side of the bristles. Gently scrubbing your tongue helps clear away damaging bacteria and food particles, as well as to stave away bad breath.

Stick to straws. If you love—or insist on not giving up—beverages with copious amounts of sugar and acids (soda, energy drinks and fruit juice), use a straw to prevent their destructive elements from making contact with your teeth. Make it easy for yourself by keeping straws readily accessible. Stockpile them in your kitchen, desk drawer at work, purse, backpack and car.

Give it time—at least 2 minutes. Many people are good about the frequency with which they brush but not with how much time they spend doing it, which reduces how effectively they remove plaque. Set a timer for 2 minutes to ensure that you’re brushing for the recommended amount of time. Then spend another minute slowly and carefully maneuvering the toothbrush where the braces and teeth meet.

When you’re searching for an orthodontic practice that’s dedicated to providing the topmost standard of personalized care, look no further than the office of Ortho Inc.. We offer an extensive menu of services for children and adults. To learn more about us, please schedule an appointment today.