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  • Joe Wilson

Pro Tips for Safeguarding Your Oral Health While on the Go

Cleaning your teeth several times a day is a good habit for anyone. But it’s even more important for patients with orthodontic appliances. That means making a solid plan for situations that arise when you’re on the move and not near a place where you would normally floss and brush.

The orthodontists at Orthodontics, Inc. want to help safeguard your oral health by offering some “insider” tips for freshening up on the go. Although these suggestions are meant for our patients, they’re good advice for anyone who wants to preserve the function and appearance of their teeth.

  • If you’ve forgotten to bring along a toothbrush, water is often the best line of defense after eating or drinking a sweet or acidic beverage. Rinsing your mouth out with water can disperse food particles, and can decrease the acidity in your mouth that causes decay.

  • A toothbrush all by itself can work wonders at removing cavity-causing food and plaque, even if you don’t remember to pack toothpaste. Travel-size toothbrushes are easy to find, if you’d rather not carry a full-size brush with you.

  • Travel-size tubes of toothpaste are commonly available in many brands.

  • Dental floss, which often can be found in single-use packs, is a must for cleaning between teeth, in the space between the archwire and the teeth, and beneath the gum line. Mint-flavored floss has the added bonus of acting as a breath freshener.

  • The handy little interproximal brush is the ideal tool for dislodging food that’s stuck between your teeth and archwire, or around brackets.

  • Did you leave anything behind during your on-the-go cleaning? A quick glance in a pocket mirror will answer that question.

The orthodontists at Orthodontics, Inc. want our patients to become actively engaged partners in their oral health. The treatments we provide produce long-lasting results — if some simple guidelines are followed. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can work together to create a beautiful smile you’ll treasure for years.

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