• PIMM Wix Team

Special Needs Patients and Orthodontic Care

Having a beautiful smile has so many benefits. Of course, it boosts our self-esteem by improving the way we see ourselves, and the way others see us. But it also has a major impact on our oral health, the way we chew and digest our food, and even the way we speak.

That’s why our orthodontist at Ortho Inc., believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve a healthy, radiant and long-lasting smile. We understand the concerns that children and adults with special needs and their families may have about seeking treatment, and our entire staff is expertly trained in making all our patients feel comfortable while in our care. Research indicates that there is a high percentage of children and adults with developmental, intellectual or physical disabilities in need of orthodontic care, and we are committed to ensuring our services are accessible to all who need them.

It’s not uncommon for children and adults with spinal injuries, autism, Down syndrome and other emotional, developmental or medical conditions to experience heightened anxiety in healthcare treatment settings. Our orthodontic team is prepared to make each patient feel safe while in our care. We understand that each patient has different needs, so we discuss their potential challenges with their parent or caregiver before embarking on a treatment plan. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology available at our office, the examination process and treatments like braces and aligners can be applied more quickly and comfortably than in years past.

At the office of Ortho Inc., our orthodontist treats each person as a unique individual with their own set of needs and concerns. This includes children and adults with special needs. Everyone deserves the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile, and if you have been reluctant to address an orthodontic issue over concerns related to their disability, please contact our office to learn more about our accommodations.

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