The Definitions That Will Help You Understand Braces

Our team at Orthodontics, Inc. wants you to have the best orthodontic experience possible, but we understand that there might be some things standing in the way of that, like confusion. If you are ever confused about the terminology of braces, we are happy to help you by providing the definitions to the following words:

Band – A band is a small metal ring that fits tightly around your back molars. This ring supports your large teeth and it keeps them from breaking and cracking. The band also helps with headgear and bite correctors because it holds the appliance in place and gives it the ability to do its job.

Bracket – A bracket is a small metal piece that is glued to the front surface of each tooth. This bracket holds the orthodontic wire in place and it also lets you customize your braces by holding different colored elastics. Brackets make orthodontic treatment possible by applying pressure to your teeth and making them move.

Retainer – A retainer can be either removable or permanent. It is a custom-made appliance that keeps your teeth in place after you have finished your orthodontic treatment.

Adjustment – An adjustment is an appointment that allows your orthodontist to tighten your appliance and apply needed pressure to your smile. This will help you continue on the path toward straight and beautiful teeth.

Orthodontist – An orthodontist is a dentist that has received 2-3 additional years of schooling and training specific to orthodontics. An orthodontist specializes in bite and smile adjustment.

Obviously there are more words involved with braces, so if you would like to know more about them, please call (928) 774-0881 today and talk to our caring orthodontic team. We also invite you to ask Dr. Jacob Spendlove at any of your appointments so you better understand the process. We look forward to talking with you!

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