There Are Different Ways to Correct Misaligned Teeth

The rapid changes in oral development and the replacement of primary teeth with permanent teeth can sometimes lead to alignment issues. Left unaddressed these deviations in your child’s bite pattern could leave them with an unattractive smile and teeth that are at increased risk of suffering chips and dental fractures.

Here at Orthodontics, Inc. our orthodontists can provide your child with braces or other orthodontic options to correct their misaligned teeth. Dr. Joseph Wilson and Dr. Daniel Cowley offer a few different options. The one that is right for them will depend on the severity of their misalignment as well as their personal preference.

Traditional braces use a series of small metal brackets, wires and other components to create a system capable of correcting their teeth. Your child will need to return to Orthodontics, Inc. for regularly scheduled adjustments. Each of these sessions will apply moderate tension to braces to gradually move their teeth by small increments.

If your son or daughter is uncomfortable with the appearance of metallic hardware on their teeth, we might be able to apply a special porcelain glaze to the components. The material can be shaded to mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel to lessen the visual impact of their braces hardware.

If your child’s alignment issues are minor we might be able to provide them with a brand of clear plastic aligners like Invisalign®. These custom aligners that will need to be changed out every two weeks to gradually realign their teeth.

If you live in the Farmington, New Mexico, region and your child has alignment issues with their teeth you should call 505-325-8858 to set up a braces consultation at Orthodontics, Inc..

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