There Are Three Different Types of Retainers That Can Maintain Your Smile

Through the course of your routine adjustment sessions with Dr. Joseph A. Wilson, your braces have brought your teeth into their ideal alignment. Even in this new position, there will still be some residual tension in the periodontal ligaments that are anchoring your teeth into their sockets. To prevent this relapse, you will need to use a retainer.

There are three different types of retainers in Farmington, New Mexico, that your orthodontist might recommend for you:

— A Hawley-style retainer is the most common type of retainer recommended. This is basically a thin, tongue-shaped piece of acrylic that is custom fit to the shape of your mouth. It’s removable, but when it’s in your mouth it will be held securely in place by a set of wires that interlock with your teeth.

— If your braces only provided minor adjustment to your teeth, Dr. Joseph A. Wilson might recommend a clear, plastic retainer. This appliance is made from a durable plastic material that is molded to your teeth in the new bite pattern. When it is in your mouth, the casual observer shouldn’t even notice it.

— Fixed retainers are called for if you needed a significant amount of realignment to your front teeth. This is a sturdy wire that is cemented in place behind your teeth to keep them from moving out of place.

If you are due to have braces removed and you have questions about what type of retainer you will need, please call Orthodontics, Inc. at 505-325-8858 for a consultation regarding a retainer in Farmington, New Mexico.

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