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  • Joe Wilson

Three Minor At-Home Fixes for Your Braces

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

If you are under the care of an orthodontist, an occasional braces issue may crop up when his (or her) office isn’t open. But you needn’t necessarily despair. There are some small problems that you can temporarily mend or take steps to ease irritation and prevent further harm. And always notify your orthodontist as soon as he’s available.

We at the office of Orthodontics, Inc. use a variety of techniques and appliances that are at the forefront of orthodontic care. These treatments offer a wide variety of benefits to each patient. Just some of those advantages include less discomfort, fewer dental visits and a shortened overall treatment time. Our top priority is to provide dental healthcare solutions that best suit your needs.

Here are three possible scenarios and their solutions.

A protruding wire: If the end of a wire has moved out of place, there’s a chance that it will irritate your mouth. Use a cotton swab or sterilized set of tweezers to gently press the wire flat against the tooth. If that’s not feasible, cover the wires with orthodontic relief wax, which is a superb barrier between mouth tissue and metal. Drug stores sell the wax.

Mouth sores: About one out of five people suffer from recurring mouth sores on their lips, tongue and inner cheeks, and the reasons behind them vary. Braces don’t cause mouth sores, but the friction from braces can certainly aggravate them. You can use orthodontic wax to cover the areas of your braces that are irritating the sores. You can also apply a small amount of a topical anesthetic, such as Orajel or Orabase, to the mouth sore.

A lost O-ring: This ring is a teeny rubber band or a fine wire ligature that keeps the orthodontic wires in the bracket/brace. If a rubber O-ring comes off, you might be able to restore it with sterilized tweezers. If a wire ligature comes unfastened, remove it with the tweezers. If the wire ligature is jabbing the lip but not dislodged, a cotton swab or pencil eraser might be able to press it back down. Both are temporary fixes until your orthodontist can see you.

At the office of Orthodontics, Inc., our skilled and compassionate team of professionals iscommitted to offering the highest quality of orthodontic care. Our orthodontists will examine every aspect of your teeth’s alignment and discuss with you your treatment options. Trust when we say that properly aligned teeth will do wonders for your smile and oral health. For more information about our many services, please contact us today.

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