Tips and Tricks- For More Comfortable Braces

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

In cases where immediate treatment is necessary and you cannot immediately get into the orthodontics office, there are ways in which many of your braces related problems may be solved temporarily until a repair appointment can be made. Most problems, if addressed within a few days, will not delay treatment.

The following are some problems with temporary solutions: Loose Band Or Bracket:     • If band or bracket is still attached to wire - leave it in place     • If uncomfortable - place wax on it and remove only if needed.     • If band or bracket is completely out - place in plastic bag and bring it into the office. Loose Wire:     • Place back into tube or slot with tweezers.     • If uncomfortable - place wax on end of wire or if needed, clip wire with nail clippers        behind the last tooth securely fastened. Poking Wire:     • Push the end of the wire down with the end of a spoon or eraser or place wax on end.     • If the end of the wire can be reached, the wire can be cut with nail clippers or wire cutters.       Be careful not to cut the cheek, gums or lip. Make sure not to swallow the cut ends of wires. Lost Tie Wire Or Elastic Tie Soreness:     • Notify us for an appointment. Generalized Soreness:     • This is expected with orthodontic treatment especially for a couple days after an office visit.     • Use warm salt water rinses and/or Ibuprofen or Tylenol. Call your office if needed.

If you have any questions or feel unable to handle a problem on your own. Please call your local office as soon as possible.

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