Tips on Caring for Your Braces During Holiday Parties

Do you have a calendar full of parties this holiday season? If so, then you need to keep your braces and smile in mind. This is because holiday parties can damage your appliance and harm your smile if you’re not careful. So, our orthodontists, Drs. Wilson and Cowley, would like to help you keep your appliance in tip-top shape during your holiday parties by providing some tips.

-Stay away from appliance-damaging foods: Sticky, hard-to-eat, and chewy foods can break your brackets and bend your wires. It’s best to avoid these foods altogether so you don’t delay your perfect smile.

-Brush and floss: Clean your teeth and braces after you have eaten. Make sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and flossing tools that make flossing easier around your braces.

-Wear a mouthguard: Many people play high-contact sports and activities during their holiday parties. If you’re one of these people, wear a mouthguard while doing so. This can help you prevent oral injury if you get hit in the face.

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