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What Are Self-Ligating Braces, And Are They Right For You?

Our friendly orthodontist at Ortho Inc. has more ways than ever to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile for patients of any age. And thanks to advances in treatments and technology, we can often deliver these results more comfortably than in years past. For children and adults alike, the decision to visit our orthodontist is easier than ever!

Braces are still the most popular choice among patients who wish to straighten crooked teeth, close up a space between teeth, or correct a bite that’s out of alignment. Traditional braces achieve this through a system that uses brackets secured to the teeth that are adjusted by thin metal wires called archwires. The tension of the archwires apply the force that moves the teeth into their desired places. These wires are held in place using rubber bands or metal ties.

Another method of holding the archwires in place during orthodontic treatment is what’s known as a self-ligating system that uses brackets or clips to secure the wires. Self-ligating braces use either active brackets that have a sliding spring clip device that exerts pressure on the archwires; or passive brackets that use a device that don’t apply pressure to the archwires.

Self-ligating braces present several potential benefits for wearers, including less tenderness (especially at the beginning of treatment) , quicker periodic adjustment visits to the orthodontist, and a simpler cleaning process. Of course, each patient comes to us with different needs, which all plays into whether self-ligating braces are the best choice for them. Our orthodontist will discuss our various treatment options and recommend the best one for you during a comprehensive examination and consultation.

Whichever option you choose, the choice of where to receive orthodontic treatment is easy! Our clean, modern, comfortable office at Ortho Inc. delivers friendly, attentive care that is simply superior! Please contact us today to arrange an appointment; we’ll give you countless reasons to smile!


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