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What Caused My Teeth To Get Crooked? Here’s Some Answers

No two people are alike, and that’s certainly true for our teeth. How and when our teeth arrive, their particular shape and size, and how they change over the years, are all determined by a bevy of factors. One thing is clear: Most of us don’t have perfectly straight teeth, which is why millions of people seek treatment from orthodontists every year. Fortunately, our friendly orthodontic specialist at Ortho Inc. has the experience and treatment options for delivering a healthy, radiant and long-lasting smile — more quickly and comfortably, and less noticeably, than in the past.

When new patients come in to see us, they’ll often want to know how and why their teeth have become misaligned. While the answers to these questions vary from one person to the next, here are some of the factors that can lead to things heading in the wrong direction:

  • It’s in the genes: Traits like crooked or crowded teeth, jaw size and shape, over- and underbites, can be genetic.

  • Young and restless: Losing a baby tooth too early can lead to crowding when the permanent teeth arrive.

  • Brush with destiny: A poor oral hygiene routine can lead to gum disease that can cause teeth to move, loosen, or simply come out.

  • Digital addiction: Excessive thumb sucking as a child can have an impact on your teeth.

  • You are what you eat: Crooked teeth are just one the health conditions you can develop if you’re not getting enough nutrition in your diet.

  • Sudden impact: An injury from sports or an accident can lead to a misalignment.

  • Air apparent: The alignment of our teeth can be affected by mouth breathing as children.

Whatever factors conspired to cause your teeth to become out of tune, our orthodontist at Ortho Inc. has the right treatment to bring your smile into harmony. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation!

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